Unity Assets & Extensions

Economisez votre temps √† l’aide de ces extensions Unity.


  • Experiment with Physics features without code.
  • Edit Rigidbodies’ hidden properties.
  • Control Rigidbodies’ Air Resistance with custom Drag behaviours.
  • Medium/bodies relationships (slow down when entering water).
  • Custom forces (Magnets).
  • Gravity per scene and controlled at runtime.
  • Control Physics driven objects using inputs.
  • Switch Rag-dolls from/to Animated State.

Gamepad Navigation

  • Keyboard/joystick navigable scroll views
  • Enterable sub-selections of Selectable Objects
  • Associate keyboard keys and joystick buttons to Selectable Objects
  • Generate custom Animator Controllers for Scroll Views
  • Add Unity Actions to Scroll Views and Selectors events
  • Handle custom inputs on selected UI object

ICade Inputs

This package allows you to use (remote keyboard) inputs from ICade controllers, both to control objects and to navigate UI, just like native Unity’s Input.

Requires no native plugin.

GameObject Pooling & Spawning

GameObject Pooling and Spawning made easy.

Smart 3DOF (VR)

Blends Camera’s (or any other object’s) position based on 3DOF limited orientation.

MonoBehaviour Message Events

MonoBehaviour Messages accessible in the Inspector as Events.