I cannot recommend this course enough. After taking this course […] you will look at Unity coding completely differently. These are short courses, but there is a lot of information. I’ve watched them both multiple times to make sure I have not missed anything.[…]

John Ostuni

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Introduction to VR with Unity

Create an immersive Virtual Reality experience on iPhone/Android Cardboard or VR Device with Unity.

Unity for Design Vizualisation

Everything you need to know to make your CAD interactive and visually awesome with Unity.

Unity Craftsmanship

Developing a Master Mind game, from scratch.

Adding Rewards to your GamePlay

Develop a “Guitar Hero like” game with Unity 5.6. Part 3 : adding visual and audio “rewards” to the Game Play.

Model-View-Controller design pattern with Unity

Develop a “Guitar Hero like” game with Unity. Part 1 : Design Pattern.

Object Oriented Programming, SOLID design and Profiling

Develop a “Guitar Hero like” game with Unity. Part 2 : Design & Architecture, making it SAFE, SIMPLE and FAST!

Agile Unity Developer - part 1

Learning game development basics, multi-platform pro tips, with Unity (5, 2017 or 2018), C#, and an Agile mindset.

Agile Unity Developer - part 2

Mastering software architecture, performance optimisation and advanced Unity and C# features.