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xR Developer, Unity Certified Instructor, Agile Coach.

With a strong technical expertise and a taste for design, I’ve had the opportunity to lead teams of creative people through development of innovative projects.

I used to be an «artisan» of interactive medias development, I committed to transform my studio into a self driving organisation, and since then I help other studios and start-ups in their change management.

I know putting theory into practice can only be done when actors have embraced the ground principles. I bring a «holistic» and pragmatic approach to let everyone decide the necessary changes to be made, individually and as a team. 

CTO, Producer, xR Specialist

Self taught developer, I’ve worked as CG artist, speaker, consultant, trainer, technical director, designer, programmer, team leader and coach.

I did not learn any of this alone. I’ve always connected to great mentors with whom I grew a «master-apprentice» relationship.

Production Skills
Content Creation Pipelines, Object Oriented Programming & Design, Video Game Design & Development, VR/AR/XR.

Unity Certified Instructor & Certified Programmer

I realised the value of instructors isn’t so much in our knowledge, but in our ability to share it, and help our trainees reach autonomy and mastery.

Working with Unity since 2011, I’m well aware I can’t teach all I was taught and learnt, in a few days of training. Although, my goal is to provide you with the keys to learn by yourself and develop your skills.

Unity Craftsmanship Expertise
Content integration, Rendering, UI, Physics, Animation, VR, AR, Mobile, Logic & Data Architecture.

Certified Scrum Master & Agile Coach

As a coach, I am especially interested in team coordination between designers, artists and programmers.
My experience in those three fields allows my to bring them closer.

Soft Skills
Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Agile and Lean Startup practices, Project / Team Management, Communication.

Fred has an extensive knowledge of Unity and I always recommend him to customers.
As a trainer Fred is very thoughtful and will work around on delivering the best customised training material.
His experience in project management is a great asset to assist you with your project needs and requirements.
Fred is also a great person to work with and his enthusiasm is contagious!

Akouvi Ahoomey

Business Developper, Unity Technologies


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