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this is Fred Moreau, Unity Instructor and Agile Coach.

I focus on facilitating teamwork between designers, artists and programmers.

I also teach game development online on Udemy, and have already published nearly 20 hours of training videos on Unity 5 in English and French, taking you from any background to becoming a real pro !

  • Udemy

    Check out all my training courses available on Udemy.

  • 20 hours course

    Agile & Multi-platform Game Development with Unity Tier 1, and Tier 2.

    In this series of videos, you'll learn how to develop a video game project using Unity, with Agile development practices in mind.
    Learn everything you need to fully develop a video game with Unity, using the best practices of C# to manage your project!

  • Awesome course! Exactly the type of information I was looking for to push my game development skills forward!

    Scott Sharpe
  • I cannot recommend this course enough.
    After taking this course [...] you will look at Unity coding completely differently.
    These are short courses, but there is a lot of information.
    I've watched them both multiple times to make sure I have not missed anything.[...]

    John Ostuni
  • GamePlay

    Develop a "Guitar Hero like" game with Unity.

    Part 1 : Design Pattern, using the Model-View-Controller pattern with Unity.

    Part 2 : Design & Architecture, making it SAFE, SIMPLE and FAST with OOP and SOLID principles.

  • Tips & Tricks

    MonoDevelop & Unity Tips & Tricks.

  • Very good. The training really explains everything very well. As I develop my first Unity game I find his training very valuable.

    Rudy Jaros
  • Developing on Console? Here's an extension to easily control lists and selectable objects with a GamePad. Available here on the Unity Asset Store.

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My Journey

I've had several professional lives!

From Technical Artist, to Evangelist and Speaker..

I got in the field of 3D animation in 1997, as a freelance artist. Soon enough, I joined Autodesk as 3dsMax field evangelist, which led me to visiting many animation and video-game studios, as well as other industrial businesses. I put this knowledge into practice when I worked with Ubisoft as Character Technical Director on a AAA game.

to Business Owner, Game Developer and Project Manager..

I later ran my own studio in Paris, which eventually specialised in developing interactive experiences of all kind, for industrial companies such as Saint-Gobain Group and Aéroports de Paris, and in the cultural field as well with the Théâtre de la Colline and developing the Histopad (an augmented reality visit of the Château de Falaise) with Histovery. I also worked with Allegorithmic as Software Designer and Business Developper on Substance products.

to Certified Instructor, Scrum Master, Lean Start-Up Entrepreneur, and Coach..

I worked as an instructor ever since my 20s. I find it very rewarding on the humain level, and it provides me with new challenges on a regular basis.
With new programming and agile project management skills, I began teaching in those fields as well.

and beyond!

As of today, I work as an consultant, trainer and coach and focus on facilitating teamwork between artists, programmers and designers.
My experience in all three fields allows me to bring those different profiles closer.
I also realised that ma value as an instructor wasn't so much in my knowledge, but in how I manage to share it, and above all help people learn by themselves and share their knowledge in their turn.
This is why I started working as a coach a few years ago, studying human sciences and related activities.

What I Bring

Assist with talent acquisition

I can help you write job descriptions, find and interview candidates, and other overwhelming tasks if you haven't a CTO on board.

Train or coach your team to help you jump start your project

I craft custom training sessions on Unity and Agile practices to help your team learn what they need to start, and finish!

Want to learn Unity by yourself? At your own pace.

I've created a complete training course on Unity 5, taking you from any background to becoming a real pro!
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Want to practice Unity with other motivated individuals?

Join my Unity Workshops groups and be ready to co-op with designers, artists and programers.
We gather to experiment, learn new things and most importantly to make friends.

Unity Workshops & Master Classes

As a coach, I am especially interested in team coordination. I've designed a collection of Master Classes to help members of a team to understand each other's challenges and possibilities. These Master Classes are designed toward experienced Unity developers who want to master a specific topic that usually overlap several team roles (designer, artist, programmer).

The primary objective of these workshops is to expand and unify attendees knowledge, so that everyone can better communicate with other members. I often say that the best way to do something depends of the team structure. You don't organise the same way with 5 artists and 2 programmers or the opposite. These workshops help developpers organise according to their team.